Friday, 5 September 2014

Vegas The Show - Great Las Vegas Shows

Come see the only production in Vegas, about Vegas!  This is THE show that celebrates iconic moments from the city's vast performance history.  Each scene represents a vintage Vegas act, inspired by Producer David Saxe’s experiences growing up in the entertainment industry during the Golden Era.  Combining Saxe’s original producing elements with Tiger Martina's high-energy choreography, it is no wonder why Vegas! The Show continually receives rave astounding reviews such as this: “My friend and I enjoyed the show.  The singers and dancers were amazing and, oh so talented.  The acts in between were fantastic.  We loved it from beginning to end!  We need to bring back this genre of ‘Vegas’ shows.” Furthermore, VEGAS! The Show was voted "Best Show in Las Vegas" by Broadway World

The production opens with a custodian named Ernie, working at the neon sign graveyard; he tells the audience, "For one night only, we want you to suspend reality and join us on a journey back in time to experience some of the greatest entertainers who ever played Vegas" as the stage transforms into a classic showgirl routine!  Not long after, the scene changes to a swinging number with Louis Prima and Keely Smith, then swiftly transitions to the 1960s when the Rat Pack played the Copa Room at the Sands.  This act tends to be a favorite as Sammy Davis Jr.'s "The Candy Man" features a parade of showgirls in fitted “Good & Plenty", "Almond Joy" and other candy outfits as they throw out chocolate to the audience.  Following is a performance by an Elvis tribute artist who proudly proclaims, “Yeah I know, I'm blond!”, jokingly letting the audience know that he and all the other performers intend to celebrate the original artists, rather than try to “be” them.  Other impersonators include Sonny and Cher singing their classic hit "I Got You Babe," as well as an Elton John tribute.  Other acts include seasoned magician, Joseph Gabriel and, of course, the finale with a pianist singing "Rocket Man," as video footage of vintage Vegas is featured on the curtains.

Deemed “the official show of Vegas”, take a trip back in time to see everything that influenced the Sin City we know and love today with your Vegas! The Show tickets in Las Vegas!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

David Copperfield Magic Show in Las Vegas

Will be a name associated with the next era of magic, like Houdini is with our generation. His magic is original it is mind blowing to see him be in one spot far away, boom an explosion, oh no what happened? Well then the next moment right over your head riding a motor cycle down to the stage is an unscathed David Copperfield, A sight one never forgets. 

Copperfield is best known for his combination of storytelling and illusion. However, if it is glitzy costumes, show off dancers, or flashy sets you’re after, well this is not the show for you. Copperfield likes to think that less is more when it comes to magic or the art of magic. 

Throughout his entire performance he has a friendly, personable, attitude that puts the audience at ease. When it comes to his big bag of tricks this intimate down to earth approach makes for a better experience for everyone. Well I don’t mean intimate by the huge Lincoln he may make appear over your head during the show but you understand I hope. 

Throughout Copperfield’s show the audience learns of the master magicians influence on everything from pop culture to political cartoons even postage stamps.  So make sure the family fun show is one you’re going to be so glad your group took advantage of seeing while in Las Vegas. David Copperfield tickets in Las Vegas make sure to make your Vegas vacation a magical one so do not miss out and regret forever not having your memory of the greatest magician who lived in our time. 

Copperfield, born (David Seth Kotkin) has a long history in the world of magic. In 1982 he started a rehabilitation program, called project magic, which helps disabled patients regain lost or damaged dexterity skills in more than 1000 hospitals internationally.  He has a star on the walk of fame, yet if you met him you would not know how famous he is. 

He likes to throw Frisbees and balls at audience members to prove he chooses volunteers at random and this is the man who walked through the Great Wall of China and made the Statue of Liberty disappear.  He has this ability to arouse people and create awe and wonderment even in the fiercest critics.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cirque Du Soleil: Discover the Entertainment

Discover incredible blend of street entertainment and circus art in Las Vegas! Cirque Du Soleil is going to give a new definition to amusement and visual arts. The Canadian Entertainment company is presenting over ten types of shows to raise your curiosities. From ‘Criss Angel- Believe,’ to ‘Michael Jackson-One,’ Cirque Du Soleil is going to recreate some of the most emotional, astonishing and ecstatic visuals ever experienced in Las Vegas.

Combining a variety of forms together, including dance, circus acts, magic, acrobatics and water events among others, the company will be performing some of the best stage acts that in Las Vegas. Get ready to be enthralled and enchanted with some of the popular acts such as-
  • KOOZA- Acrobatics comes with a theme here! A zany kingdom, acrobats and a delightful story that with surge of adrenaline defines Kooza!
  • CRISS ANGEL: BELIEVE- Elude from the world with illusions from one of the best street performers and magicians in the country. Now playing in Luxor Hotel Casino, Las Vegas 

  • DRALION- Combining story with a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western acrobatic moves
  • THE BEATLES: Love- Experience Beatles come alive right in front of you at Mirage. Its spirit and passion for rock entertainment combined together!

In 2013 alone, Cirque Du Soleil managed over a million audiences in Las Vegas. So, make sure that you book your tickets beforehand.
For booking tickets for Cirque Du Soleil, visit Vegas Tickets. Call at 702-795-7880 for more details. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

David Copperfield in Las Vegas: Experience the Power of Illusion

David Copperfield is one of those illusionists who make other magicians feel like a minion! The American illusionist, who is described as the most commercially successful magician in the world is now coming to Las Vegas! And now, you too can experience the power of illusion with the greatest magicians of our time- all you have to do is book David Copperfield Tickets in Las Vegas.

About the Illusionist
With 11 Guinness World Records, Walk of Fame, 21 Emmy Awards and over 40 million tickets sold over the years, David Copperfield is undoubtedly the biggest solo entertainer in the history. He performs over 500 shows over a year and usually offers an intimate experience to his fans, giving glimpses of his grand illusions. Some of his popular performances include the portal, Anthrax, Thirteen, the Fan, Lotto Prediction, E-mail from future illusion and others.

Power of Illusion in Las Vegas

David Copperfield is going to perform at Las Vegas allowing the spectators to enjoy and experience the power of illusion. The illusionist will be performing from April at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino every day. And you can catch up with him at any of the evening shows- at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM. The humorous magician will be performing throughout May and June as well, but tickets for all his shows sell like hot cakes. So, make sure that you book David Copperfield tickets in Las Vegas beforehand.

We at Vegas Tickets offer tickets for all David Copperfield illusion shows in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can book them fuss free at our website

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tips on Buying Tickets to the National Finals Rodeo

NFR Tickets can be quite elusive. But if you want to get the ultimate rodeo experience in Las Vegas, these tickets are your way to go. Considering that getting these tickets can be quite difficult, make sure that you try our tips and tricks and adopt patience so that you cheer your favorite cowboys and cowgirls this year-

Avoiding Box Office

Box Office tickets tend to sell out months in advance. So, avoid planning a prior trip for getting tickets from the box office. Yes, there is a lottery process, but the probability of getting your name early enough for decent seats can be quite difficult. So, make sure that you buy these tickets well in advance through online sources.

What if the Box Office is Sold Out?

Well, always plan for alternative. Purchasing tickets from secondary market of independent, licensed brokers is one of the best ways of ensuring that you can watch rodeo. NFR tickets offered by these companies are sold for a higher price above the face value, but they offer premium seating opportunity and ensure that you don’t miss the event. For best results, buy from a reputable broker and try buying before the Box Office is sold out to ensure that you don’t have to pay higher amounts.

And lastly, no matter what happens, make sure that you don’t buy tickets from some guy off the street!

We at Las Vegas Tickets offer reasonably priced tickets for NFR events and other Las Vegas Events. Visit our website for details.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to Book Show Tickets in Vegas?

Love Bruno Mars? Can’t wait to see Cirque du Soleil’s mix ballet, scintillating sets gymnastics? Want to watch Jerry Seinfeld’s crackling comedy? Then, Las Vegas is your place to be! Nevada’s, Las Vegas is the biggest destination if you love greatest sporting events, comedy shows, circus events, theater, nightlife and clubs. Even at three in the morning, this place bustles with activity. And if you are planning to enjoy the sin city, this is how you can book show tickets in Vegas-

Research online
Do you hate commotion and long, hassling queues? If yes, then online booking is your way to go. A convenient option, these websites have scope for research, so that you get best rates without hidden charges. Prefer local companies as they provide discounted rates and lesser prices.

Under one roof
Sin city is all about unraveling yourself! But if you have to spend grueling time searching for Monster Jam tickets and Elton John’s concert show at different websites, then it’s just a waste. Look for booking sites where you can book any Vegas Show ticket, from concerts to sports or circus shows at a single place.

Protect your details
Just because a website has great selection of tickets doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Make sure that you provide your personal and credit/debit card information to a website that has safe and secure payment procedure. Opt for a site that provides instant confirmation.

Get ready for glitters and glamour now!

For online tickets and instant booking, visit

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